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It’s no secret that by valuing the well being of the people who are part of your organization, your business will thrive and succeed.

The Workplace Wellness Programme with Rani Sheilagh provides comprehensive ongoing services, support and essential information - with her coming to you, in your workplace to ensure your employees health, happiness and over-all wellbeing. (Note: Off-site sessions, days and tailored event options are also available - Rani is always happy to work with what suits your organisation.)

Rani Sheilagh is different to other corporate wellness providers in that she creates personal connections and commitment with her clients and has a unique, direct, personal experience and understanding of the demands of the business sector environment and the challenges work-life can present. She has worked in those environments herself!

Rani holds a Masters degree in Interactive Technologies from New York University’s Interactive telecommunications Program (ITP) and has previously worked in high-pressure environments under tight deadlines in the commercial, arts and interactive technology sectors. Rani‘s health, happiness and wellness expertise comes from a solid foundation of studies leading to many years of practice and experience working with somatic (body-based) movement techniques, yoga, meditation, balance-living techniques, eating tips & advice and happiness & empowerment tools.

Rani Sheilagh has over 20 years of experience working in health, happiness and wellness with past companies including AOL, Lucent-Alcatel, Department of Transport, law firms, media companies and accountancy firms. She also works one-to-one with high-profile private clients, does public workshops and master classes, and has run wellness weekends, events, retreats and holidays internationally.

Additionally and of considerable note is, Rani has achieved the highest level of certification available through the Independent Yoga Network (IYN) and is recognised as an IYN Yoga Elder. She has also been known to teach in yoga & meditation circles under the “yogarani” name. Rani Sheilagh has a reputation as a professional, innovative health, happiness and wellness advocate, an expert teacher and guide, a motivational speaker and creative thinker who facilitates intimate, dynamic, accessible, creative, playful sessions, events and experiences.

Rani Sheilagh works with you to evaluate your workplace environment and culture to see what initiatives have worked or failed in the past, what your employee risks and interests are and determine what actions need to be taken.

From this Rani can assess and provide informed recommendations that address your company’s and your employees specific needs, and ensure wellness is well integrated into your specific workplace structure.

While always adopting a flexible approach and working with you, Rani Sheilagh does strongly recommends a comprehensive 12-month approach.

As with anything, success is a step-by step process, and cannot be achieved overnight, in one lunchtime session or a by just running one short course.

To be effective and sustainable, a wellness programme must plan and focus on long term changes in behaviour and the adoption of habits which takes time, commitment and effort in order to establish a culture of health, happiness & wellness within your company.

The research is already out there showing that workplace wellness initiatives result in business outcomes that include lower absenteeism, reduced presenteeism and burn-out, improvement coping with stress, higher job satisfaction and work productivity, energised, confident and more focused employees who have a greater sense of well-being, improved morale, higher employee retention, reduce illness and lower health-care costs and give a positive, consistent message and a favourable company image to your workforce and to your clients too.

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Drawing from her many years of extensive somatic and client-informed experience the Workplace Wellness Programme to Be Happy Feel Good with Rani Sheilagh has been designed with a diversity of services, techniques and options to empower health, happiness and wellness.

These may include some of the below, but are not limited to, the following:

• Workplace Evaluation, Assesment & Plan of Action to promote a supportive company culture & environment
Yoga & Wave of Movement sessions
• Guided Meditation & Mindfulness
• Healthy Eating Tips & Advice
• Recipe Exchange
• Happiness Habits Tips & Advice
• Deep Relaxation (the yogic ‘sleep’) sessions
• Sleep Well workshops
• Workstation Stretch & Move sessions
• Back Care, Core Strengthening & Posture sessions & classes
• Breathe technique workshops & sessions

Rani Sheilagh provides continuous support throughout each Workplace Wellness Programme. This is a vital aspect that ensures everyone thrives and the programme stays on track.

• Rani is your designated coordinator's direct point of contact via mobile and email.
• Rani provides email and/or mobile contact for all employees participating in any aspect of the programme should they need advice or wish to be in touch.
• All programmes are supported through online materials or email newsletters to support workplace wellness, behaviour and habits.

If you decide to partner with Rani Sheilagh as your wellness provider she will do everything in her power to ensure you are delighted with your programme and it really works!

To discuss taking the next steps...
Contact Rani directly on Mobile: +353 (0) 86 819 23 77

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